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Seriously who?

Who are we? is founded by a group of absolutely normal people who have strong passion for technology and other stuff.

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Geeky Tournament will starts in April 2013 and will last about a year. All the puzzles will be available online in our awesome console. New levels will be revealed over time.

Final round will only be available to the highest scored players.


There's ONE grand prize for the tournament: 50 million VND cash.
For Level 4 (PvP round), the champion will get an iPhone 5S as a prize.
(if you want to sponsor us, please do)



Everyone is welcome to join the tournament, solve puzzles and level up, but in order to qualify for the final round (therefore the grand prize), players must be:

  • Vietnamese
  • Able to attend the final round in Ho Chi Minh city in June 2013 (at their own expenses).


We would like to express our gratitude to our sponsors who helped us to make this happen.


Puzzles are contributed by prominent industry players and individuals in Vietnam. Puzzles aim to be challenging, practical, fun and interesting at the same time.
Please feel free to contribute your puzzles here.


We take cheating very seriously. We will vigorously scan and detect any cheating behaviors, including but not limiting to: copying code, hacking to get test cases, bypassing levels, etc.
Any players found cheating will be disqualified for the prize immediately. Their profiles will be flagged and won't be available to public search.

Terms will make final decision on all matters. By entering the tournament you agree with this statement.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this tournament?
A: It's a competition for developers in Vietnam. Solve puzzles, level up, show off your profile to people.

Q: Does it cost to join?
A: No, it's free and always will be.

Q: What is this thing?
A: A ranking platform for developers. Let people know how good you are.

Q: Is this a serious project or a "just for fun" thing?
A: Yes, it's a serious project, but we're definitely having fun while doing it.

Q: Why are the puzzles so easy?
A: They are, for the first few levels. Stay tuned, the real challenges await.

Q: What's the prize?
A: The grand prize is 50 million VND in cash.

Q: What's the long term plan of
A: Help matching excellent developers with awesome employers. It'll help shortening hiring process for employers and making job hunting easier for developers.

Q: Why are you doing this project?
A: We believe excellent developers are everywhere in Vietnam. But it's not easy to discover them. We want to help you rise and shine. Employers get high quality engineers, you get high paying and exciting jobs, thus producing the best products, best products attract customers and investors, which eventually helps the whole eco-system.

Q: What do you mean it's not easy to discover talents?
A: For so long it's always been using CV and cover letter to get a job interview. Unfortunately it's not easy to demonstrate how good you are in a CV, unless you have worked for giant companies. HR department has to go through tons of CVs and it's very time consuming to pick out the best people from there, and they can still miss some excellent people whose job title and description always read "developer, build stuff". Internet giants like Facebook, Google have been using puzzles to test how good engineers are even before considering them. It doesn't matter if you're experienced developer or just a fresh graduate, as long as you can solve puzzles lightning fast, there's a very high chance that you are good and deserve a job opportunity. The rest depends on if you fit the company's culture, values, good at teamwork or whatever requirements the companies have.

Q: What's the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything?
A: 0x464F52545974776F.

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: We prefer not to answer this question.

Q: Why are there 2 questions above?
A: Because this is "frequently asked questions" section.

For more questions, please ask on our Facebook page.

10X Engineers

For Employers

A great engineer is 10 times better than a normal one. People call them the 10x engineers.

Hiring a good team is always challenging. That's why we're trying to ease your pain. Great engineers are out there, but since they're good, it's most likely they're having an OK job and not actively looking for a new one.

We're working on some magic, a combination of challenge, competition and fun, to draw them out of their nests, so that you can "seduce" them from there But remember, since they're good, you - the employers, must be excellent too. Pay them well, have a great culture, a cool vision and a highly positive attitude toward employees.

Make no mistake, we're NOT in the business of selling candidate database. What's the point of having a list of 1,000 candidates and not knowing which one is good?


We offer a full range of HR services, specialized in Technology sector only, to shorten the process of hiring and optimize your cost while doing it.
We're not going to tell you who to hire, but you tell us the criteria to look for at a candidate, according to your company's values and needs. We deliver the result. It's that simple.

We're not replacing or removing any existing methods in your current hiring process: profile scanning, technical tests, personality tests, interview, culture fit check, etc. It's you to decide if the person fits. We're just making the whole thing much, much faster by delivering the right people in the beginning.

Currently these services are not yet available, as they're being reserved exclusively for our tournament sponsors, but feel free to leave your contact below and we'll get back to you when it's ready.

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